Might it be wise for me not to look for someone/date for a while?

I'm 27 year old female and I've only had one serious relationship (although I did date someone for a few months about 2 years ago). My last few attempts at finding someone haven't gone well (one event in particular really knocked my already low confidence) so I'm thinking of maybe not bothering for a few months because I'm concerned I might become bitter and misandrist if I don't, however at the same time I feel that I shouldn't as I'm less experienced compared to most women my age so I feel that I should "catch up" (I'm behind because I suffered with depression and didn't bother with dating at all for a few years).


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  • It's not a competition. And when you find a guy you like and who likes you back, none of that really matters!

    But I agree that you should stop 'looking' and just concentrate on having fun with no strings attached like finding a mate. Usually happens when your not expecting it so just enjoy life for a while.

    It happened to me, after getting over my last ex I was just going out and having fun (not looking for a replacement/hook up like I previously was doing to numb the break-up) and guess what happened...met my current girlfriend :)

    • By no strings do you mean casual sex? Its not really my thing.

    • no I meant just doing things that doesn't involve searching for a b/f


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  • I don't see why it is important to stay current or not "behind" ... what is life? a race for cock? status? marriage?

    Be happy in yourself. Choosing your future partner is one of your priveledges, and it needs to be right for you regardless of what others might think.


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  • That's sad, do whatever makes you feel happy. Dating is not a race to have as many partners as possible nor should you feel like you've missed out because of your depression . Everyone's life is different so just carry on being you and you may meet Soneone when you least expect it. :)