My boyfriend says that I follow him everywhere he goes. But I don't. What's his problem?

Yesterday we were at a party and we went downstairs to where everyone was. Then suddenly I wanted more chips. So as I turned to go upstairs to get more chips, my boyfriend went upstairs ahead of me. As we were walking up the stairs, he said, "Why are you following me?" I said I wasn't. I was just getting more chips.

Then today, when we went to Petco, we got out of the car and then suddenly the car made noise and then I went to check what it was. He again said, "Stop following me." WTF I'm not following him! If you heard a noise, wouldn't you check to see what it was?

I'm not following him. I told him it's just a coincidence. But he says I'm just making an excuse. What is his problem?


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  • That sounds a little weird if he's being serious and not just kidding around. If my boyfriend was saying that to me I'd start thinking there was some other resentment.


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  • It does seem weird... I'm wondering if he thinks you are clingy and is trying to over exaggerate situations to make a point.

    I'd just ask him what's up and get him to tell you what the real issue is.

    • No he says I'm not clingy. I was very clingy when I first was going out with him 2 years ago. Now I can go a month without seeing him.

      Anyway, he's fine now. Was just stressed out.

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