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so I like this older guy he's 24 and I'm 17 going to be 18 in a few months. we have hung out once and when we hung out we made out and stuff and that night after we hung we were texting and I told him I was a virgin. and we still kept talking that night but then the next day after I would text him to hang out and he wouldn't reply or he would reply but like 5 hours later at like one a.m or something saying what up or something. and so I was just like do you like me or not and he didn't reply. so when I see him in person its so awkward and we don't talk. so then I go up to him and I said are we still cool? because you don't talk to me and I feel like when I text you you are too busy or something so I stopped talking to you and when you could talk you would text or call me or something but you never did. and all he said was sorry. so then I waited a couple of days and just tried to talk to him back to normal like when I first met him I think it went well. but I want to have something with him. and I'm sure he might still like but how can I get him to care or show it he smokes a lot so maybe that's why he doesn't show a lot of care or something I don't know give me some advice please


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  • My theory:

    He's afraid of the labels he'll get: Ephebophile, Cradle Robber, Predator. If he returns once you turn 18, there may be a chance. But as long as you're 17, complete strangers are gonna come after him like an angry mob, treating him like a pedophile. He's terrified he'll end up on some sex offender registry list if he tries to get too close to you. Wait till you turn 18, and see what happens.


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  • I don't see anything good coming from this

  • I don't see anything good coming from this


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