Naughty secret, tell/admit or not?

Met a girl, had a one night stand . Then during the night another girl joined the bed...being a single drunk guy I fooled around with but didn't sleep with the new girl. The next morning I immediately regretted it because I liked the first girl , we now have a relationship 2 months later

Since there's a chance she could find out ( 2nd girl knows 1st girls friends) if she asks me, do I admit it and risk losing what we have? Lie or keep a secret from someone I love in order to preserve it or be honest and risk it all?

I can't risk it, I love this one...but feel guilty


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  • it wasn't serious when you said it was a one night stand - I don't think she was being serious in the begining, but somehow it does turn out serious - I think - she probably knew it but wasn't sure, but you were sure about it but you didn't sleep with the 2nd girl too - so why bother?

    i know you feel guilty but just take this secret with you to the grave, I don't think there is anything good coming up after you tell her, girls are sensitive about these kind of thing - treasure what you have, if she did bought up just tell her you were too drunk you don't remember and maybe it was a dream - and the only thing you are happy right now its - that one night stand turn you two became a couple! end of story! good luck!

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      And hope you and your girl are ok!


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  • You should be honest and risk it all. Atleast that way she heard it from you and not someone else. And if you werent together at the time it happened just tell her that and tell her you were drunk and very stupid.

  • The worst thing that you can do to someone is lie, if you can try and keep the secret yourself (the whole purpose of a secret) and learn from your mistakes.

  • can you handle the risk ?

  • You and every other attractive guy on earth have this kind of secret. Most guys I know fooled around with other girls when they first started "talking to" the girl they end up dating...right up until the point that they couldn't get away with it anymore. Guys dig sex and don't stop having it until they need to stop. Most girls know this and like it or not, need to accept it. Since you weren't a couple yet, I say it's fair game and you don't need to tell her. It wouldn't accomplish anything.

  • Tell her the truth. You made a dumbass move, and if she asks, you need to be honest. Just reassure her that it was a mistake and that it was before the relationship, and that you're devoted to her and only her now.


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