First time trying online dating. Advice, please?

So I'm trying online dating for the first time. I'm not really sure what to do, so could someone offer any advice please? Thank you in advance.


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  • First you have to write some e-mails, then you can start chatting, then you can communicate with cam, always see them in cam, what if they post fake pictures?...don't say you fall in love with people you never saw in real, but then when you feel ready, you can meet her in person. So now you can judge, you can see how she really is...the first time you meet try to do it in a public place, don't reveal too much of you, try to make fake accounts, like e.mails, you can have one for that and keep your personal ones separate for people you really know, don't say exactly where you live, I don't know how you want to meet people, if international or only inside your country but never send money to anyone and don't buy plane tickets, that can be a way the person wants only take advantage of you.

    It takes a lot of money and effort if you really want to be with that person, and long time to know each other.

    Ask me more if you want! Good luck!

    • Thank you. What would I say in the first email?

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    • Ok, thank you. I actually did spot a girl I thought was cute, so I messaged her. She replied, I replied back and haven't gotten a response for a couple of days yet. Would it be okay to message her again?

    • No, wait for her to reply, if she doesn't she might be busy or she might not be interested, you should should look for more people anyway, just to have more options ;)


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  • 3 of my relationships started online, yet I never met any of them on dating sites, so I don't have any advice on that. If you're not in a desperate need of a girlfriend, you can just make friends and on regular websites and you'll run into someone you click with. Depending on what you're into (or what your dream girl is into) there's a place for you on the internet.

    • The biggest thing is that I just haven't had time lately to get out and meet people. I hadn't thought much about your idea, though. I'll give that a try as well. Thank you.

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  • Don't make your profile your own personal website. Read the girls profile and say something about it in an email. Don't send Winks...or smiles. Send out many emails...and if you're on't expect to get many...if any responses. Only ask for the girls number...and or to meet after you both have sent at least 5 emails each..and things have been going well. Make sure you have 2 pictures of yourself. One casual...the other dressed up. Professionally taken photos is best.

  • online dating only works for hot girls. on a typical site you'll find about 10,000 girls , 100 will be good looking and they get 10,000 emails a day from guys. good luck, but the odds aren't in your favor.