The "good morning" texts

He thinks we're together, but he's sending good morning texts to other girls, not me. Does that make sense?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Nope. How do you know this? Does he do it in front of you?

    • I flat out asked him. I was like, "The days you don't send me good morning texts, I feel like you're sending hem to other girls." He mumbled something, either oh or no. I was like, "You do!" And he goes, "Well only to some of my friends."

    • A "good morning" text seems like something that would be reserved for your girlfriend. I personally would find it annoying if someone I was not in a relationship was frequently texting me in the mornings. Something bad is going on here, I'm sorry to say.

    • I'll ask him about it further and see what's going on.

What Girls Said 1

  • I find that a kind of flirting. If he's in a committed relationship, there should be no ritual morning test (that's like a good morning kiss). You leave that for the one you always want to be with. Does he have an esteem issue? Is he insecure in life/his relationship with you?

    What he's doing is not totally wrong but just not right either.

    Re-evaluate sister!

    • Well today I asked him in person if he thought we were together and he said yeah so I don't get it. When he sends me those texts, it's usually good morning baby and I specifically asked him if he compliments the other girls or adds the beautiful in there and he said no, but I find it so hard to believe him.