She just broke up with her boyfriend

a girl I kinda like and get on really really well with just broke up with her bf...what should I do?


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  • Go Slooooooooww. You don't want to jump on her like a lion does with a wounded deer. She's not going anywhere soon...unless she already had someone in mind before she ended it with her ex boyfriend. I don't know what type of contact you have with her now..if any. What you should do try communicating with her...see if she'll give you 5 min and talk. If you keep the convo light and funny..and she's laughing...then at the end..see if she'll give you her number. Your main goal is to try and figure out what her interest level is in you. If you get her number...its a start...but it doesn't mean she wants to date you..


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  • I say go for it now while you've got the chance or you'll never get it again. Message her, text her, email her, call her, do SOMETHING to know you're there or she'll never even know you existed.


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  • Giver her some time and space, but show that you're interested. Talk to her more, but don't cram her with your prescence. If she's bummed about her breakup, you can tell how much space she needs and then judge how much is too much in regards to talking to her and showing your interest.