Dating single Mothers/Fathers ?

I just wanted some opinions on dating people with children. I just had an experience with a single Mother I was dating and this happened "

Baby’s Daddy – When your dealing with a woman and your getting know her, you shouldn’t have to deal with kid’s father. Some guys can’t get over the fact that their ex has moved on. Before he was an un-attentive jerk and didn’t give a jolly goddamn about her. Now that you’ve entered into the picture, the dude wants to be the ideal boyfriend and a “father of the year,” nominee.” The guy stars stalking her and wants to fight you. Even if the woman and guy are on good terms, the guy feels as if he can always smash. He knows her. He knows what she wants to hear and what makes her happy. The next know you your having this conversation- “I’ve decided to try and make it work with Jimmy’s dad” that's just an excerpt from an article but I think it best explained what happened.

Anybody Have a similar experience?


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  • no, but I'm sure it happens more then enough! and once they "decide" to make it work you know damn well it probably won't he will just treat her like sh*t again but when I was 21yrs old I was dating a guy that had 3boys a 12,7, and 4 year old and it really pissed me off there mom would still call and she acussed me of stalking her because I came into her work, she works at walmart, yeah crazy but crazy sh*t happens when you date someone that has a kid(s)


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  • I wouldn't do it. Kids are baggage, and it'll only complicate things. Besides that, I'm sure the single parent would be extra cautious about who they let into their kid's life, seeing one of the people they were counting on left them. It's too much pressure for both sides, and unless I was in my 30's I doubt I'd do it.

  • I agree.

    I'm young, new to relationships, and I'd like to date a guy; not date a family. Mixing kids in the equation complicates everything.


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