Went for 'coffee' with a guy. Emailed him this and he replied. What does he mean with this reply?

He paid for coffee. I wrote:

Thank you very much for today. I had a great time! Good luck in Italy!

PS- Maybe I should have spoke to you in Italian. Sorry!


He wrote back:

I enjoyed meeting and talking with you today. Good luck with your new job at Sherwin Williams. Let's talk together a little in Italian next time.

Well, have a nice summer!


Is he suggesting we meet again or is he being polite?

What should I do now?


  • Polite. He ended with 'have a nice summer'
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  • Suggestive of meeting again. He might be shy.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm guessing he's going away to Italy for the summer? If so, that may be why he's not trying to set up another date in this email. Normally that's what I would expect if he was interested, but if he knows he's going to be gone, he may be resistant to starting something right now, and may want to wait until he gets back.

    • Yea, he's going in June. I'm leaving for work in September. He never asked me when exactly I am leaving town. When he gets back, we prob won't see each other. I think he knows this. So I don't know if he is suggesting that I say, 'maybe we should see each other again...' or just being polite.

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What Guys Said 6

  • Dumb response on his part since it contradicts itself and it also sounds douchey (no offense he sounds like he has stick shoved up his ass...way too formal). I say ignore it and ask (in italian to be cute haha) him when he wants to hang out again.

  • He could just be being polite, or he could actually be asking if you want to get together again. The fact that he's beng so coy show's he doesn't have any great interest in meeting you again, however, so don't get too excited!

    • Thanks! I think he's being polite in 'there's no future between me and her...' but I had a feeling that he might have enjoyed talking to me for 2.5 hrs. too.

      Not sure. Thanks anyways.

    • Well sure he'd like to talk to a young woman. Me too.

  • Yes.

    Follow up on it. "It's hard to predict, especially the future." Neils Bohr.

    From a guy's standpoint it sounds like he's interested.

    It's a little more than polite.

  • Tough to tell. Couldn't vote.

    There's a part of me that thinks he's just being polite but there's also a part of me that thinks no guy could be that clueless about women.

    I like to think that it is natural for anyone regardless of gender to be inquisitive if interested in another person. Yet I don't see any questions in his reply.

    Or maybe he's just playing hard to get? But then again, that would be an immature thing to do.

  • I think he's suggesting a future meetup. Probably wouldn't have bothered to respond at all if he didn't like you. Give it a day or two and then send him a text or something.

    • That's what I was imagining but he is also a polite person so I don't know. Thanks.

  • Sounds like B imo.

    • Hey thanks for your 2 cents. I appreciate it. :-)

What Girls Said 2

  • That message is over formal and doesn't particularly have a fixed meaning. There is nothing that any of us on here can say which will reveal the meaning behind this message, maybe he will see you as he used the words next time but then again maybe he won't because it's quite a vague use of language. You really are going to have to wait and see I'm afraid!

  • maybe you should reply in italian. he seems a little formal. it seems to me he'd like to meet when he comes back but its not a priority. like he might meet with you when he comes back but he sure won't be thinking of you during the trip.

    thats what I'm getting from it...u should reply back to him in italian tho...being more blunt then he is.