Girls, did I seem too eager and does she like me?

I went on a first date with a girl last Saturday. Met her last year at a friends party but she was seeing someone. She initiated through email saying that she suddenly thought of me and wanted to say hi.

I took the cue from her and continued chatting with her through email and eventually asked her out. The first date was nice. . no awkward silences and we managed to keep talking while visiting a museum. At the end of the date, I said I hope we can do this again and she said yeah sure. . . there were also other hints that she didn't mind doing stuff with me in the future. But I wasn't sure if she was just being polite.

Anyway. . . I messaged her shortly after the date ended that night telling her I really enjoyed her company and I hope she did too. . . I then asked if she wanted to go out on a second date next week.

She replied the next morning saying "sorry for the late reply. Next week is not so good though, Ill let you know =]"

I didn't see this message until she sent another one that same evening saying: oh and thanks for chocolate yesterday, was lovely. My shout next time =]

The last text I sent to her was one a couple of days later saying I just felt like sending you a message wishing you good night and sweet dreams. have a great day at work tomorrow.

Its been about two days since I've sent that and I'm worried I've come across as too eager. Does she even like me in the first place?


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  • A girl who is into you won't mind it as much as some people have made it seem. Don't worry about it too much. Just lay back a bit, wait and see if she contacts you. It does seem she enjoyed herself, it shouldn't be such a big deal if she's worth it, believe me. If a girl can get frightened off by something that simple, she's too delicate. Just relax from now on, no need to 'win her over' right now, I know you may be smitten with her, but the best thing you can do is be a bit aloof, but show some genuine interest in those things you have in common. She needs to feel like she has to appeal to you too, don't let her in on how you're feeling so much, especially this early on. But don't overthink it, if she stays away, you can do better, there's nothing wrong with romanticism, you've just got to allow time before offering such a message, she must earn it. Good Luck!


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  • She WAS interested in you until you DID sound too eager and needy when you sent her good night and all that, after only one date! I doubt she's still interested, you kinda scared her off.

  • i don't think she's so into you


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  • Dude! You have crashed and burned! Big Time! If I could...I'd slap you upside your head! Reading this...caused my eyes to bleed! Too think? Sounded like she was once interested in you...but you just rushed into rejection, and caused her interest level in you to crash.You need some serious help brother.