Should I be his girlfriend?

Eric my best friend is a really sweet guy with dreamy brown eyes,black hair and a huge smile.yesterday we went on a date and it was great! Anyways Eric and I really like each other because of the way he looks at me,compliments me etc..but should we go to level 2 boyfriend & girlfriend?And how to break it to him? please answer I don't want anything awkward to happen.

Should I go on another date with him?
Thx ryosanada that relly helped now we are officially a couple and the day after he gave me a rose and neclace
You've got it all rong all this is fake I just wanted xper so I got my topic.but I really really really truly need an internet up for a one day trial?


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  • Hate to tell you, it sounds like you already are his girlfriend. Go for it!


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  • If you like him, the just ask him out. Beating around the bush is a waste of time.

  • you just asked for a boyfriend on the internet and now this? you are a weird one.


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