New girl will it work??

I went to a new gym and the manageress...she is new there too but hot...showed me around. As we talked and toured, I noticed she had no ring, twirled her hair as we talked and as I made fun of her(mild). I am thinking of asking her out in a few days.

The idea: I'm gonna go and ask her a few more questions then I'm gonna hand her a sealed envelope...telling her that it's my "application" and that she should open it herself and let me know if it's all there. In the envelope will be a Single red rose and a card saying..."I wanted to show this rose what real beauty is" coffee tomorrow? With my number there right below it.

Any opinions on my chances of success? I met her for the first time last week Thursday. I'm gonna do this over the weekend.

Girls would you be flustered/chuffed/ or creeped out by this? Is it too much?


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  • It's a sweet gesture but would also creep me out/embarrass me. I'd much rather just be flat-out asked to go out for coffee.

    • Wait but if I asked her out straight off the bat wouldn't that creep her out because I'm putting her on the spot at work? There is no other way to meet her.

    • Well either way, if she isn't interested in you and you ask her out at work (either directly like I suggested or using your idea), it will make her uncomfortable lol. But personally I think it would be more embarrassing for both of you if you went through the trouble of that and she said no. Yes it's sweet but for someone who barely knows her, it could creep her out.


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  • well I'm a chick and even that would kinda weird me out. do you know for sure she likes you some girls might just like to twirl their hair, and so what if there is no ring she might have a bf.


What Guys Said 3

  • NO NO NO NO! Bad bad...on so many levels. Please don't do this.

  • I hope for you there are other gyms in town ;)

  • It's a bit much for a coffee date.

    She's hot and single? Girls like that aren't single for more than a few days at a time. You should have asked her out during the tour.

    Still, you never know. Try the rose thing. You might get lucky.