Should stick to my boyfriend or give this other guy a chance?

It's really short I promise, but I don't know what to do .. I am with my boyfriend from exactly 2 years, we have had a ton of issues, especially from his side (eg. , lack of respect , never really appreciated me) .. but overall he is a nice, kind guy , a bit inexperienced but I know he is a good person .. Anyway a week ago we have a big fight and he claimed that his friends are much happier with their gfs that he is with me .. and that his friend's gfs never do the sh*t that I do to him .. he was angry and felt bad about it later.. he called and apologized , but I told him we have to take a break until he changes.. And a break it was , now we are still on the break but he calls me every other day to check on me .. anyway I am not sure I still love him however .. I did love him to death before and I was always a loyal person to him and always tried to do everything for him .. and now, that he failed so many times with me , I kinda felt out of love .. but I'm not sure however , if I actually did fall out of love!

There is guy on the other hand who flirts me .. in a decent manner , he 2 years older and I have huge respect for him ( my boyfriend is my age and he gets horrible grades in college ) .. anyway I don't care about that .. my problem is that I'm not sure If I actually fell out of love and wanna pursue this other guy .. or I feel like this just because I am in a fight with my boyfriend .. I don't know what to do .. but talking to this guy behind my bf's back is considered cheating and I don't wanna do that .. but in the same time I can't break up with my boyfriend because I'm unsure of my feelings.. PLEASE HELP ME :)


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  • Look, I'm gna tell you something the fact that your boyfriend is calling you every 2 days to check on you, is giving you this safety net where you feeling your safe whether your with him or not. meaning you true feelings for him are actually hidden. I wouldn't rush into another guy, it might backfire at you eventually. take your time hang out with girls enjoy yourself and if your ex calls you tell him I think its better we don't talk no hard feelings, and also tell him there's a lot of things you need to work on such as this this this wait a few weeks and check what he's up to, if you feel like he's changing you obiously mean a lot to him and are attracted to him as you once were before, and if he still hasn't done anything then your right.

    • Well, I didn't plan to like fall in love with this other guy .. but during my relation with my boyfriend, I didn't speak to men at all because he gets jealous ..and I don't want anything from this guy , just casual talking as two mates in the same college , I ll never tell him anything feelings wise..

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    • Oh I am so sorry to hear that .. I really hope it would turn out great for you :)

    • thanks basically my plan get away fromo her work on everything hope she feels the change get back slowly and have a new relationship not an old one, where it works for both of us, or at least by the end ill know that I wna move on and I made that decision


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  • One of the cardinal rules for relationships is that you never leave one for another. If you need to leave this guy permanently, then do it because you need to leave, NOT because the grass is greener. To do so almost always ends poorly.

    • But I'm not leaving him for anyone .. its just that my boyfriend doesn't allow me to talk to guys at all .. and I was thinking that since I am on a break ican talk to them .. not that I wanna pursue anything with him, but he seems like a very nice guy and I would enjoy a casual talk with him .. I swear I am not looking for anything , and if I am to break up for good with my boyfriend , I will wait at least a year before getting into something else.. I'm not leaving him for anyone I swear!

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    • No I don't wanna make him jealous what so ever.. I never liked this notion! .. and not because I'm bored either.. but it has been 2 years since I didn't talk to a guy .. it's just that I don't feel it's right doing this, while my boyfriend made me suffer so much ..

    • It sounds to me like you might want to think about making the break permanent as I feel confident you can do much better. I'm just sayin'...

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  • Don't ever start something with another guy while you are officially seeing this boyfriend of yours. I had a boyfriend that slept with my best friend. When I caught them, he got up and came to talk to me, I kicked his naked balls real hard and he went down. That's how I ended that relationship. If you boyfriend treats you bad and says mean things its either because his is young and impulsive or a jerk in sheeps clothing.