Why do guys like to be physical on their first date?

Why do guys like to be physical on their first date? Just looking for information as to why?


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  • because we are all afraid that if we don't show physical interest we have a higher chance ending up in the friend zone ^^

    yeah well men are different than women , we tend to fall in love really really fast and hard. so sometimes it's hard to control those feelings , and sometimes we do jsut fall in love with the body and the smile.

    if you mean by 'being physical' , having sex - then you are incorrect , lots of guys want to get to know the girl a little bit better before having sex. but touching , kissing etc is also 'being physical , just to make clear that he's not in it for the friend thingy :p

    • Yeah I just was wondering because some guys around here like to sleep with me but then never talk to me again unless they had a "Headache" that they need fixed.


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  • You've got to think about what we are biologically programmed to do.

    As the male it is for us to procreate and impregnante as many females as possible to ensure the survival of the species, that happens with all animals including us.

    So that's what it's boil down to, just as you girls always thought we 'boys' are just animals.lol

  • I think Getting to know each other is better than being physical.


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  • Any guy who likes to get physical on the first date only wants to get in your pants.

    If a guy respects you and actually wants you as more than a hook-up, then he's not going to risk messing things up by trying to get in your pants the first date.

    Maybe there's something about the way you present yourself to guys that makes them think you're a DTF girl?