Do guys get angry if girls talk about an ex if it's negatively?

Like if your girlfriend talked about her ex in a negative way , does that bother you too ?


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  • Well, it depends on what "negatively" means. Like if she was talking about how he hurt her, then yes, I would be furious. Not with her of course, but I sure would want to beat the crap out of the other guy. Anyone who hurts the one I love had better hope that she steps in in his defense because that might be the only thing that stops me from kicking his sorry a**. If she was still hurting, then comforting her would take priority, but unless she said not to, I'd be ready to give him a piece of my mind next time I saw him.

    But if it were negative as in, just a post-breakup kind of thing, then no, I probably wouldn't be too upset, but I'd still want her to talk to me about it.


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  • Yes, because I simply don't give a flying f*** about her ex. If she wants to bitch about how much of a d*** he was, she can do it on her own time.

    • ... I just screwed up ... like ... I didn't talk about him really I just menshioned him in a conversation like 2 seconds and now he stopped texting me ... >.<

    • DId you mention your ex IN a text message? Because I would find that even more annoying.

  • yes bec it's not the point that you like him or not. It's just thinking about you with someone else


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