Do you think there's anything wrong with kissing your man's brother on the neck?

When me and my boyfriend brother see each other we give each other a big hug , And he will give me a quick peak on the neck. My friend was with us one time and she said she never saw anything like that. Basically she's saying she never seen someone brother hug and kiss their brother girlfriend on the neck. I mean do other people feel like that.


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  • Yes. Extremely inappropriate and not a good look for you. How do you think your boyfriends mother would feel if she saw that? Not too good of an impression, I bet!

    Kissing someone on the neck is an intimate thing that should be reserved for your boyfriend, someone you're dating, or your baby. Even with a baby, it's a little odd, but ya know how some parents love their child so much that they'll give them random kisses just about anywhere? (minus the genitalia and buttocks of course). Anyway, it's not cool. You should stop.


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  • If it's a greeting type of kiss (when two people give pecks to each other at the same time from one side to the other... it's okay (in my opinion). If it's a big hug, and one peck on the neck... I think that's a little awkward.

  • I think it's too intimate a gesture.

    • So you have never responded that way to a friend are a brother girlfriend like that.

    • Absolutely not. In FranceWhere I live, the custom is to lightly kiss each other on the cheeks when meeting (friends or family), or to shake hands (in a work context). Anything outside this will be considered strange.

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  • My fiance younger brother hugs and gives me a peck on the cheek whenever we're parting company but its the cheek. The neck is a little too intimate and personal for anyone to kiss except my fiance