How to get rid of guilt feel of chat online?

Hi I m 28 year old male. I work in an MNC. I m virgin but to fulfill my desire I used to online chat. There is one lady who is my online frnd. We both are involved in sex chat she is married and from other city quite far from me. But whenevr I do private chat with her and stimulate my private part. next day I feel so much guilty and unable to concentrate on my work. Then I determine to not do this thing but after a few days I feel again the same urge and then again I feel guilty. I am fed up. I don't know how to get rid of this thing as I am affecting my personality and caarier throuugh this. Kindly suggest.


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  • Try filling up your time doing other things instead of chat. I know how hard it is when you get an urge to do something, and it may take awhile, but read, go running, work out, or better yet join a club or something where people have similar interests! Then you can meet people, make friends, and do something you enjoy all in one. If it's a serious problem, you could probably seek counseling...

    • Thanks. I hope it would help


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  • You're right. You should feel guilty. What you are doing could result into big trouble for that girl you're chatting with. It would make you feel a lot better if you went outside and met new people in person instead. It would do yourself and your girlfriend some good.

  • i don't think you should sex chat with her anymore. she should take half the guilt considering she's the married one but my advice to you is go out and try to find friends or female friends to spend time with so your not focused on chatting with this girl anymore. good luck!

    • Thnx for the suggestion

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