Guys let's say you like a girl. But there is another girl who likes you?

The girl he likes is more shy and all they really say is hi to each other and he tried to joke with her once in a while. The both seem nervous around each other. The other girl likes him and she's always around him when she can. She always be talking to him hanging around. So who would this man really go for? The easy girl or the girl he likes


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  • Why not both?

    • Why both?

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    • So your talking about a guy who just wants sex

    • He's apparently a sought after male, so it makes sense.


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  • Unless I can grow to like the girl that likes me, I'll stay after the one I like. But obviously if I can grow to liking the girl who likes me it would be easier for that to work out

  • Well there's obviously some reason for the attraction to the shy girl. It really depends, but if he really has a reason, and not just a physical attraction, he'll be interested in the shy girl for a while.

  • How do you know he likes the shy girl ?

    If he does, he will try to get her, but if she doesn't play the game, he will move on at a point. That doesn't mean he would go for the outgoing girl neither.

    Life is complicated.

  • If he's a guy who has his act together, he goes for the girl he's into. If he just wants some easy action and the other girl is attractive enough, he'll give her a go.

    • So how long should the girl he likes wait? Or how long could it take for him to really try to go for her

    • She should just flirt with him and see what happens (assuming she's into him). Or depending on who else is after her, just go with one of those guys.

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