Am I the fallback girl?

I had casual sex a few times with a guy (and I misinterpreted things), and we ended up fighting and he told me it wouldn't work out and that he just wanted to be friends. We hung out a week later as friends and did not have sex. He then did not contact me for two weeks and just as I had gotten over him, he texted me. He told me he was sad but when I asked him why (twice), he wouldn't tell me. I ended communication with him. A week later I texted him and he said he wanted to hang out but he has not confirmed a date and he said he would. Am I just around for an ego boost? Should I be cutting contact completely?


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  • Yes honey your being used. He's telling you he has a date but not really sure you guys can hang out unless he does go on the date. Your the back up plan. You didn't really get over him like you say because your still hoping there is a chance he will want to be with you. Don't do this to yourself. Trust me you will get emotionally invested and things like this will hurt ten times more than it already does. Don't speak to him anymore your worth a lot more than to be a rebound.


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  • You're both as bad as each other to be honest. You both agreed to have this friends with benefits stuff, no one forced either to do this, so you cannot say he thinks you are an ego boost. Anyway, I think he likes you but is confused of commitment. The best way to deal with him is tell him that you will refuse to go down the sex only route as you want more. If he doesn't respond properly or is off with you, cut him off and move onto a different guy. This time don't just a sex only relationship, have a proper relationship which involves sex too.


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