Is she hinting at us dating?

So today me and this girl I like went to lunch together. We talked about upcoming events and we talked about a wedding she asked me to, as her date. She then mentions that some of her family, which I have not met yet, think that we are dating.

Is she trying to hint at me that she wants to date? I'm so confused!

Thanks for your inputs but I also forgot to mention, I've known this girl for 2 years now.


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  • Tell her you're not into going as a date to a wedding unless the date happens to be your girlfriend. (that is if you want her to be your gf).There's no way I'm going to go hang out at a wedding just because a girl doesn't want to be there by herself. I have better things to do.

    • Two explains why her family thinks you're dating. Do you want to date her? If so what's taking so long?

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    • No no, I meant how can I bring up us dating as a couple. I've actually already planned a date to the amusement park a few weeks down the road and she's agreed.

    • There is no need to bring up dating as a couple. Let your actions speak for you. Next time don't plan dates with her weeks in advance and tell her about it. If you can you should try to go on a "date" once a week. Go do an activity...or go to an outdoor concert etc. and then go get some Ice cream..lunch..or dinner. If you are serious about a boyfriend girlfriend relationship...then stay away from group dates. And if you want to stay out a the friend zone...see if she will kiss you after the second date.

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  • well of course she probably wants to date.. or she could be saying that to see what your reaction is (but then again, she probably wants to know your reaction because she likes you) aaaah you could have said: Maybe we should? ;)

  • Sometimes girls get emberassed and say that because either she likes you or she doesent it depends on how much time she spend with you? and how much do you talk?.. what do you talk about? is it personal? if all that stuff is true she probolly likes you!


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  • she invoted you to a wedding as her date and your still wondering?