Do guys misunderstand texting sometimes?

So me and a guy have been txting for a while. He always texts me first. But he has not asked me out yet so I got the courage to not text back, in the attempt to get his attention more for him of wanting to ask me out. So I ignored his text and he didn't text at all for the following next 2days, so I texted the 3rd day and he did not respond. Is he upset that I did not text back when he txted? or he is not interested?


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  • Ask him the question directly. Sometimes its better to be straightforward. It would definitely put yourself atr ease more than speculation

    • Thats the problem, I am always straighforward =\ He's all mysterious and more conservative, and I'm getting tired of always asking him what is on his mind, or what does he want from me. You think I should still ask him?

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    • well, don't let it go until you've got closure. The way to get closure is to ask him why he's ignoring you and if he actually likes you. If both answers turn out undesirable, then you'll find letting go easier (but still tough). Good luck

    • ok, il give him a text and see what's up, thank you so much :) That way il know what's really up

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  • Well maybe he just think you lost interest in him. Have you meet each other in person before?

    • We talked in high school and 3 years later he messeged me on Facebook and then started texting me for 5months already but he just flirts and says he is interested and wants to date me when he gets a chance from the shift he has now at work. So I don't know, what do you think?

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    • Well then I'm going to say he is not interested dating you but he likes talking to you. I know someone who did that to me, he would talk to me to text everyday but he never attempt to come visit me or anything just only me visit him. Eventually he found someone better and left me. Break it off befor you get hurt. He texted me first too. Now he realized his mistake but our relationship will never be the same.

    • Thank you for your advice. Yea, its a shame they realize it too late =T But its their loss