Why do guys try to play it cool when they are also drooling for their chick?

My guy just told me we are only friends w benefits yet he takes me out to dinner,spends money on me,responds to my texts all the time as well as my phone calls and makes all these plans for us to go places,baseball game,mountains for dinner,comedy club, dancing etc.Oh by the way I have been going out with him for 2 months and we just barely did "the deed" That day he still took me to dinner and he wanted us to stay for dessert! This is not friends with benefits right?

I forgot to ask you GUYS a very important question.When we were having sex I was gonna go down on him,he didn't let me! He gently brought me back up smiled , caressed my hair and he said "that's ok" and whispered "not you". WHY? Also I "tested" him. As we were in bed I rolled over with my back towards him facing the wall,just to see what would happen OMG he totally followed me,he spooned then he just caressed me and we went for round 2! :) Why does he want to meet my brothers & sisters?
Oh yeah I am 10yrs YOUNGER than him he's 45 I'm 35.He has been divorced since 1994!


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  • It's more than FWB. It's friends.

    Don't question, enjoy!


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  • I can't message you unless we're friends. I sent you a friend request but it didn't allow an attached message.

    The message would have been about your GAG name.

    I don't send friend requests to women, so ignore it if you don't want to be friends.

  • Wahhhh gangster as vato spending money on a f*** buddy hahah smh...but serio he just scared of commitment

    • lol you're funny! Yeah his mouth says "fwb" but his actions say "I really like you a lot" Dude I have not spend one CENT on any of our dates! Do you think he was cheated on? He's been divorced since 1994! DANG huh? lol

    • Yea there's a chance that a previous girl really f***d with his emotions that's a likely reason for his actions.HE must be ballin if he spending money like that lol

  • it is if you haven't decided to be exclusive, friend with benifet get to brake the normal boundries, it doesn't have to be sex

    • You are right because he's showing up for our next date.I already know what's gonna happen.Dinner,Movies then spend time in his car Just talking and making out.Nothing more.He throws me off because he contradicts himself so much!

  • He probably has commitment issues.

    • I can tell he's freaking out.I "smelled it" that day he took me out for dinner.When we first started going out,he said to me "see where this takes us" and "we're just having fun" also I noticed he has NOT been with all these Women he claims to be.

  • Lol No..

    • Then what the heck is his deal! oh by the way he's a 45 year old man who's been divorced since 1994! So what do you think we are?

  • he spends money on his FBWs? LMAO, you're not supposed to spend money on your hoes. this guy must be low on options.

    • Hey.hey ugly I'm not nor fat and blind lol I can tell he doesn't date much ,he works like a dog 6 days a week poor guy. well he is 45yrs young and I am 35! so MAYBE that has to do w it?

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  • He doesn't want to commit and put all of his eggs in one basket. IF he finds another girl he likes, he's doing what he wants with her - and you can't complain, because technically, it's not cheating. Until you have the talk about commitment, it sounds to me like he's using you.

    Been there, done that. Don't get attached without talking to him and ensuring he's committed to you.

    • how you could he use her they are freinds with benifets

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    • He actually spends MONEY on me,in the 2 months we've been together we just barely had sex and he keeps on telling me he's happy we met.I don't feel used because he is the one who keeps on showing up expecting NOTHING :)

    • You need to have the talk with him. WHY doesn't he want to commit? That's a red flag and you can't ignore it. Figure out why, or you could get hurt in the end.

  • please. please. please. listen to a guy when he says its just fwb. guys are not like women. a 45 y/o man has more "experience" in the bedroom and knows what to do with a woman. He's not as immature as the young ones who "Hit it and quit it." Plus at 45 he has much more disposable income than a younger guy. Older men can and do spend $$$ on women--even if its only fwb. It's like spending money for recreation, a hobby you like, or a club membership. Leaving a $5 tip is hard for the guy who makes minimum wage. Dropping a $50 for a guy making 6 figures is nothing. Watch out, bcs you're reading into this, when he's already told you where he stands. If one day he does decide to quit it; or take up with someone he deems fit for the job--you're going to be very disappointed. buyer beware.