How can you tell if the guy really liked the kiss/makeout?

ok so me and my boyfriend had our first make-out session today, and we both smiled and blushed-alot!..he seemed to me like he liked it and he tolled me it wasn't bad..

but how do you know if he really had a good time by how he acts?


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  • Haha oh high schoolers, you all crack me up. You're not going to like this answer just know. Kissing, like things like eye contact, is very instinctual. It's a feeling that you get when you know you two are really sharing a great kiss. That said, if he really does love you, he wouldn't lie to you about that, so don't sweat it, seems like you two are good and that he really did enjoy the kiss.


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  • Well, he smiled and he blushed, sounds like he liked it. If he ever does it with you again, you did pretty well. To me it sounds like you did a good job, and based on what I can gather, you have nothing to worry about. It looks like he's happy. Besides, kissing is really hard to screw up on a level that makes a guy NOT like it. You should be fine.

    In short, don't worry about it.

  • If he really liked it, he'll be pitching a tent something fierce. Tough to fake that level of appreciation for a makeout. So take a look next time, or better yet, take a feel!

    Play safe!


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  • If he comes back for more you did well :)