How to tell when a girl is testing you or not...

I went on a first date with a girl, it was a pretty blind date didn't really know her. We enjoyed happy hour and nachos, then walked around an out-door mall and I bought her peppermint chocolates since her birthday was the day before, and got a kiss and a promise of a second date at the end of the night. two days later I called hoping to arrange the second date hopefully for the next weekend and she never called back. I'm not one to chase too much so I shrugged and was happy to enjoy the evening with what I considered an amazing girl.

Fast forward two weeks and all of a sudden she texts me saying she thought about us and said she had an amazing time and we should be friends. Now...this threw me off. TWO WEEKS? She is a busy person but yikes...part of me sees this as a test or something. Does she want me to chase her? I have no idea this is kind of odd.


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  • If you want this girl, you should chase her. But only for that reason only, not because she wants to be chases, which by the way most likely is the case here.


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  • 2 weeks is enough to let that bitch go

    • Yeah that's what I thought. I am however bored enough to play this game with her though since she seems up for it. I just find it totally crazy never experienced that before.