She hides her boyfriend from me

why would she hide the fact she has a boyfriend and only refer to him as a friend?


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  • she doesn't wanna lose you or has a thing for you.


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  • 1 she thinks he's not hot 2 she thinks you're hot 3 secret relastionship for some reason?(which only makes me feel like it's 1?) I can't think of anything else..

    • everyone else knows about her boyfriend she just kept it quiet from me for some reason? when I asked her she said it just her friend or brother etc

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    • lol not really :p I think you wanna hear it so here it is, I think she's maybe interested in you :p

    • ha nah just wondered, if she sometimes shying away from talking to you is that a sign of a crush as well?

  • She either wants to keep it a secret for some reason, or she has a thing for you..


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  • She's either ashamed of him or doesn't want you to find out in hopes that you'll remain close to her.

    • she been with him for quite some years thou :/ laterly she been quite quiet towards me

    • Then it must be because she doesn't want you to know she's going out with him for some reason.

  • she's either trying to cheat and thus an idiot or things are rocky with her boyfriend and she wants to break up, but (like most women) too damn weak to do it herself openly.

    • yeah sounds plausible because she was quite flirty but when I found out I've gone bit distant from her cause its put me off a bit how to act around her as don't really wanna get involved in that sorta mess

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    • cause she stares into my eyes when she looks?

    • She's probably interested