Should I continue dating her just for sex?

1. Now this is the first part I kinda don't meet new people ( girls) not that I can't, I'm good looking have charisma I'm spontaneous it's just the way I am, maybe I'm even kinda xenophobic. But this is not the problem, lets move to part two.

So it started 3 months ago when I hooked up with this girl at my friends birthday, so I got her number she got mine and tomorrow we went on an unofficial date considering that we kissed last night. So I've been dating her since, so everything is cool and we get along, everything is cool like in every other relationship. Now she's cute and good looking but I don't like her physical appearance that much. Now we are both virgins and we got really close to having sex, now I'm thinking of braking-up with her but now remember the first part of this question. Now I didn't mention that I kinda have a problem, I just can't fall in love. Now should I stay for her only for sex. And yes I'm 100% sure that I'm getting some very soon. Should I stay with her YES or NO, it can't be easier!


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  • No, of course you should not just keep dating her for the sex. It's not fair to either one of you. Your conscious is nagging you because you know that you should break things off. Don't ask the strangers here. Do what's in your heart.

    Hope you'll do the right thing.

    • Well as I said, I kinda have a problem falling in love. Dated about 10 awesome look girls with and awesome personality, but I just couldn't fall in love. So why should I brake up with her, she's in love with me, she's perfectly comfortable and relaxed with me. I'm relaxed and perfectly comfortable with her I'm abouth to have sex with her. I belive that you can get only 2 out of 3. Sex, Personality or Looks.

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    • Yeah, pretty much. It starts out with you covering as each others' dates at public functions and ends with a loss of a friendship.

    • (That's a dramatic extreme, but having sex with friends "just for the sex" always backfires.)


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  • Good god! Someone call the mod police! Another good looking anonymous user is drinking and GAGing!


    • I'm completly sober and I was completly sober last night, it's just that English isn't my naitive lalguage and there for I allways make spelling errors.

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    • concidering that you are insisting that I was drink last night. I'm drunk, you're dumb. I'll be sober tomarrow and you'll still be dumb. KTNXBAI

    • Yes, yes, I caught you red handed. And you should spend a few nights in GAG jail just to realize what an imbecile you really are for making such stupid general remarks towards women. Have a wonderful life, ashhole :)

  • Because they are so stupid and they deserve jerks anyway because they are so stupid you sound like a nice guy and I'd date you if I wasn't dating already

  • reread the title real quick.

  • No because that makes you an a**hole, to put it frankly. :/ If you don't have trouble meeting girls(or so you say), then just meet someone else. Simple.

  • You aren't as good looking or charismatic as you think. Same thing that chicks have to come to terms with when they have to date dudes who aren't cute and fun. Stop chasing hot, wild girls.

    • Well I am, that's where you're wrong. That's the point, I stoped dating hot and wild girls and this is what I ended up with. Love her personality and I'll get layed soon but I don't really like her body that much, it's like I always end up with only 2/3.

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    • Yeah so I guess I'm fine with this chick. I care for her and she has grown to my heart, it's not the perferct relationship, but I don't expect for relationships to be perfect, and I think that this is the best option that I can get if I can choose from those 2 out of 3.

    • Coming to terms with it is actually kind of liberating. Like, "Hey! I don't need the so-called "top" partner to be happy. I can be happy with tons of people who are still attractive and enjoyable.

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  • I'll just post this here:

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  • This has been explained a million times, but guys like you don't like the answer so you never accept it.

    You so-called "good guys" are boring.

    The jerks are not boring. They are interesting.

    And what girls really want, is for their lives to have some drama and excitement. They'll take it from a jerk, but they'd rather take it from a nice guy who wasn't such a complete boring walk-over.

  • *doesn't





    and yeah all girls act like that

    • *basically

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    • did you get that *Nazi wrong on purpose

      because from your track record

    • Ofcourse I make spelling erors so I can waste your waliuble time. Like I'm doing right now!