How did you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend in college?

and how did it start?

who initiated?



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  • Ex boyfriend. :P

    I was sitting at a table in the cafeteria, alone on break. Failing at studying a textbook, very bored.

    He came in the cafeteria with a tray of food. And asked to sit at my table. I said sure. Pause. Eating, pretending to be into my textbook. Then, I realize he looks familiar, mention it, and ask if he's in my history class. He says yes. We then talk about how bad the teacher is. Then his friend comes in with a tray and sits by us. He had to wait longer in line or something. Anyway, then all three of us talk about travel and stuff, like we've known each other for a long time. We have class at the same time after. As we depart, he says he'll go outside for a smoke. Which was a little off putting, but I didn't care. He was great. Went to class. Was all smiley. Next class, I'm sitting and he walks in. To which we're both shocked in a positive way. So, yes we had two of the same classes that semester. And in one of them, we sat at opposite ends of the room. He ended up switching to mine. The whole story of it was pretty cute.

    So, in a way, I sorta initiated about bringing up he looking familiar. I was social. :D He did sit at my table. He later confessed that he'd seen me before and was curious about me. Daw. I hope for another love.


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  • I met my girlfriend at a concert funded by the school's student association. I walked up to her and her sister and started talking out of the blue and eventually started dancing with her and we hit it off and got each others' numbers from that night. Three weeks later we went out on a day date and then we pretty much dated for over the course of the next month before I asked her out. Then I graduated and I'm working full time, but still living in the same town which was a major deciding factor in me pursuing her or not. She still has a year left of college, and I'm just chirping along in the real world.

  • I got out of English class early and was walking to another building just after a huge rain storm, I happen to be walking next to her and we had to walk through this huge mud puddle and we were joking that we were happy we wore out flip flops that day...I got her number and 6 hours later we were at my place making out.


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  • it's weird. I had a boyfriend at the very beginning of college. we met through mutual friends. but I broke up with him after the first semester. he wasn't at my college.

    now, in my last month of college, he's not my boyfriend but we've been dating over a month, so it definitely counts. but, he's older than college age. I met him at work.

    so, I never really had a "college boyfriend"