Guys, who do you text at the gym?

I saw a cute guy at my gym, but I noticed in between sets he'll often go get his phone and text for a minute then go back... I assumed he had a girlfriend... is this a valid assumption? Or do guys text someone else lol? I'm not familiar with guys that much, since all my guy friends were always nerdy/different ha ha


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  • If the guy is serious about weightlifting, he may be making a log in his phone of his weight and reps for each set in between sets. If he's texting friends or someone else inbetween sets, he's not really serious about bodybuilding.

    Approach him and just make a joke when he's inbetween sets. Say something like, "Texting your girlfriend inbetween sets?" and give him a sly smile or smirk when he looks up at you. He'll know you're interested =)


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  • Well, when I'm at the gym and between sets I usually find someone to text, look through my music, or do something that doesn't involve me watching others do their thing at the gym (no homo).

  • I usually text random people in between sets or use other apps. Its more entertaining than staring at a wall. That or I stare at my sexy body in the mirror.


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