Dating 2 guys...Help!

I signed up to a dating site a few weeks ago and last week I went out with a guy who was really nice we just went out for coffee chatted for a few hours and then he dropped me home, I didn't even kiss him it was totally innocent, but he was sweet and I like him, but we only chatted once since then

Then this Friday past I went out with another guy who was great, there was definitely a spark and I ended up seeing him for the past 4 days in a row, we did make out a few times up it hasn't gotten any more serious then that, but I really like the guy and I think he feels the same.

Then today I get a text from the first guy asking if I would like to go out tonight, I do wanna go out with him as we really hit it off the first night and I wanna see where that goes but I have already dated the other guy for the past 4 days and like him it terrible of me to want to go on a second date with the other guy? What should I do?


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  • No not at all.

    Nothing has been exclusive yet.

    Have a good time :)


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  • I think a lot of people expect that you will be shopping around until you become committed. Go on the date with him. Hopefully he makes a move on you. He is apparently not moving fast enough.


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  • This is why its called dating, your not in an exclusive relationship honey... you are free to date whom you choose.