Is this a bad thing?

I'm almost 18, a senior in high school, and I've only had one boyfriend, but I've never even been kissed. Is that a bad thing? One of my friends and he friends are treating me like it is, and it makes me feel bad that I haven't.


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  • Dont let anyone peer pressure you into anything you don't think feels right. You;re young and only had one boyfriend, I'll assume it didn't last long if you've never kissed him. That's not a big deal, if you;d had a long term relationship without a kiss maybe. If they're trying to convince you that you should have had sex by now or something they're either trying to trick you or they might be kinda slutty.

    • Sadly although they are my friends I agree to that. They're freshmen girls and the one I mainly talk to is friends with benefits right now with her ex, and she wants some other guy. My ex boyfriend and I were only together for two months and we never kissed. I assumed it was because we were taking it slow because since I told him I never had a boyfriend before he said we would but then he broke up with me unexpectedly over a text he sent at two in the morning :(

    • Breaking up over text is effed up, but then again your generation does everything via text. Anyway the guy is a tool, and your friends can say all the crap they want, you stick to being who you are and don't let anyone control or push you to do something you aren't ready for. When the time comes for your first kiss let it be on your terms.

    • This may surprise you, but I hardly text. At at most, I text one friend who moved away a few years ago so we can still keep in touch and stay friends. But I know what your saying, it is effed up! At least his friend was decent enough to break up with my friend face to face the next day, and he was even nice about it.

      And thanks. I try not to let them bother me so much, but they're like pushing me to find some new guy to be with and it gets annoying.


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  • No, it's not a bad thing at all. A kiss should come spontaneous and it will, but it's not like something that has to happen before a certain age. I had my first "real" kiss just about 4 months ago, and I was one month from turning 20 at the time.

    Don't worry, it will happen, don't mind what others say and just be patient. People tend to brag about anything and everything.

    • You're right, thanks :)

      The friends I was talking about are younger than me, but I fit in with them because I look really young (seriously, a lot of people think I'm too young to drive let alone be a senior in high school) and they criticize me just because I haven't had sex, let alone ever been kissed. It's not right and they sorta make me feel like it's a bad thing the way they always go on about it.

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  • Well a lot of people have their first kiss at many different ages. Friends like to tease one another and it happens and always will but sometimes they don't know how it makes you feel or if it really does hurt. Because to them they're just playing' around. Wouldn't feel bad about it it's better to kiss someone you like than some you don't or even a random stranger. Don't worry about it so much it will happen and doesn't have to be rushed.

  • Its not bad I didn't have my first kiss until I have 18 and my first boyfriend until I was 19 everyone has a different time to have there firsts and its better that you wait anyway.

  • It's not a bad thing if you haven't done something, so what if other people have. You'll know when you're ready and you'll have your kiss. People are stupid and just finding something to tease people about, don't stress it

  • The *fact* is that it is not a bad thing.

    Try not to put too much weight into what they're saying.

  • No, that not bad at all. Take your time. Honestly I would say just like having sex for the first time your first kiss should be special. I know quite a few people that have graduated and still not even have had a boyfriend or girlfriend nor a first kiss. Its perfectly normal. Don't let anyway make you feel bad. It'll happen eventually you might just have to wait. Sometimes its the waiting that makes everything worth it ;)

    • Ok thanks :)

      It's just I've never really looked for boys. If one interests me, they interest me. I was just lucky my first boyfriend liked me as well and asked me out. But other than holding hands and hanging out every weekend, we didn't get too far. And he broke up with me randomly over a text he sent at 4 in the morning :/

      But yeah, guys aren't my focus. My future is. But it seems a lot of people are just interested in relationships, not to mention the things that come with them.