Accidentally texting a guy!

I finally decided to ask a guy out and I wanted to make it a bit fun.

So, I sent a text "when are you planning to ask me out". After I sent it, I started freaking out since he took a while to answer. I was texting my friend at the same time when he all of a sudden answered.

I was going to text my friend "He just replied!" but I sent it to HIM! I feel really embarrassed, and I almost flushed down my phone in the toilet :( I wonder what he's thinking?


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  • He's probably thinking that you did in fact accidentally send it to him, and he also probably knows that you were excited to hear from him. I admit it may be embarrassing, but only because we're used to not letting our true feelings out initially to the other person.

    No big deal though! You can play it off by coming up with something, or you can just laugh it off since we all make silly mistakes. When you think about it though, he just knows you were happy to hear from him, wouldn't you think he wants that?


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  • he's thinking this girl is bold..and you know the main reason why guys respond so late...its goes back to the 80's 90's all that..guys are use to making moves on girls its always this way.but when a girl approach a guy text him first calls first his mind is in a cluster. cause he's gotta think like a girl if you don't be alarmed he is just caught off guard:)

  • If I was that guy, I would be smiling/laughing and thinking "damn this girl has balls, I liker her!"


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  • LOL! He probably laughed, no probs! :P