Should I have already been kissed?

This guy and I went on our third date a couple of days ago, and I've only ever gotten a hug from him.

Should I have already been kissed?

When should I expect our first kiss to be?

Should I make the first move, if so, when is the right time?


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  • if he's a guy(which he is) he wants to kiss you. Most guys have such an ego that they don't often take the risk of rejection lightly. They mostly wait for the opportune moment. You could help him along by mood setting and all that or ask him straight out if he feels any chemistry. there is also the possibility that he's not interested in that hard as that can be to accept but its so early in the relationship you can't rule anything out. I'm going to do you a huge favor and give you the lines I use when I want to know if a girl wants to kiss me.(this is pure gold)

    look into her(his) eyes, then move closer glance at the lips then back at the eyes then the lips

    ask "do you want to kiss me?" if he replies yes wait for it and chances are he will kiss you. If he says no and begins the convorsation we all dread "I really like you but... interrupt him and say "I didn't say we should kiss you just seemed distracted" add a convincing giggle and a playful shove and it will be smooth sailing with no chance of painful embarrassment. a win win


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  • Seems like he's just shy and maybe waiting for you to make the first move.

    The right time? hmm I think it depends. I think you should just let the moment flow and let the kiss happen naturally. Those are the best kisses <3

  • well, I would say soon. if he is constantly calling and contacting you and asking you on the dates, he is probably just shy and or respectful. there is no required time for it to happen.

    you can if you want.