I always text first?

Just realized I'm always the one to text my guy friend first.. He responds and we are pretty good friends since forever and talk in person too. Why am I always starting the text convos? Is this pretty common? Just curious I guess.

k thanks!:]


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  • Its nothing big

    We man usually forget to text or start a convo because we are too busy thinking about you and fantisizing

    • Thanks for taking the time to answer. I don't think he would be fantisizing about me LOL! funny ;-)

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  • It can be common, but like a previous question has stated wait for him to text you first and if he doesn't reply, still don't reply, hold your ground. Eventually you'll see how much you are on his mind.

  • Dont text the guy first wait for him to text you if he likes you then he will talk otherwise its his loss. Once you guys become close you can text and call but let him do it first.