How do you get a guy to CHASE you??

This may sound crazy, but I think its the best strategy I have thus far...He likes me a little, but he likes the chase...

I just don't know what to do...PLEASE HELP!


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  • Me personally I don't like the chase cause it's rare to hear about a woman kept chasing after a guy she like's but since he takes relationships seriously, he was kind of standoffish at first, then later on he changes his mind about her and both him and her became a couple. Most women would of been gave up on being clingy towards a guy, cause they don't want to seem easy desperate. The thing is a woman who is easy in a sluttish kind of way is someone who wants several different kinds of guys at the same time, but a woman who just only wants one particular guy, knowing he's not like your typical, then that's different. Women should not give up on that kind of guy and think of him as a golden prize to win. Ladies patience pays off regardless of him may have kindly turn you down in the beginning.


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  • i could tell you a few things, but bear in mind that he only likes the chase and NOT you. so when he catches you, he's going to walk away. because he stayed for the chase, not for the prey. so do not be upset if he eats and runs...


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  • the problem is that these days, you have a ton of girls screaming sexual harassment, and throwing out rape accusations. it is no surprise why guys are starting to prefer porn and video games if things are like this.

    • girls get creeped out real easy, and as a result, guys are hesitant to pursue them.
      no guy wants to be "the creep".

  • Steal his wallet?

    • wow thanks really? that doesn't help much, but witty...

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