Why did he get so mad that I didn't tell him I had feelings for him?

Me and this kid were a thing last year but ended on a bad note and this year we decided to become friends with benefits. Two weeks ago he started acting weird, more distant and ALLL over this other girl when he was around me but he'd still hangout and hookup with me. I got confused and asked his friend whose one of my close friends what I did wrong. He told me the kid got mad that I said I had no feelings for him but I did and admitted that I did but I still put on a front that I didn't like him so to him if I wasn't being real with myself then how am I gonna be real with him. He told me to be real with the kid. So I told him how I felt, he basically said he didn't want to f*** with my emotions so he started acting distant but I shouldn't lie about having feelings and that we'll pick up where we left off and whatever happens, happens. Last night he was barely around that girl and acting normal to me. He turned down her house to go to mine...and he NEVER turns down her house. Why did it matter that I didn't tell him I had feelings for him?


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  • Might seem like a crazy notion to you, but many guys like honesty in their dealings with other human beings.

    Girls are hard enough to understand at the best of times, but when you outright LIE to us about how you feel, you make it impossible.

    This is annoying, and frustrating to guys.

    If you really can't understand why, then don't bother trying to understand it. Just learn it and accept it.


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  • Is your intials KH? Feels like I know this situation.


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  • Because Che probably felt the same ah about you at one point.