OMG! My boyfriend just asked me if I love him. I still don't love him. Why do I say?

He said he wants to tell me something important and he wanted to know if I love him. I still don't and I don't want to lie but I don't want hurt his feelings either.. I'm going crazy here plzz help


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  • There's nothing wrong with telling him you don't love him. Dropping the "L-bomb" is a big step and it's okay if you're not ready for that yet. Tell him the truth, but help him understand that you still care about him and you feel like you could fall in love with him in the future, but you're just not there yet.

    Good luck! ^^


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  • you have to be honest. I'd rather have a girlfriend be honest to me than lie to me to make me happy. Its the truth. If he asks you that, tell him he's moving too fast. BUT make it clear that you like him.

    That would be the best answer in my oppinion

  • Had this happen to me very recently. Have to say, even though it was upsetting but I was thankful she told the truth. Rather than telling me what I wanted to hear and hoping for things to turn out that way. Its a gamble, if it doesn't work out then it would've been multiple times harder to take when she comes back to say she doesn't feel the same.

  • Tell him love is a big word you dnt like to use but you def strongly like him

  • Why are you with him if you don't love him?

    • We've only been together for 2 months. I'm don't love him yet.

    • There's a difference between being in love and being infatuated/really liking him. Love is a big step.

  • Just tell him that you love him, even if you dont


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  • You don't love him but how can you be with him? One day you still need to tell him the truth or get rid of all this so its better for you to face it now.Either you tell him the truth or break up with him with some excuses but that's a bit cruel to me.He deserves to know the truth.

  • Tell him the truth

  • Give him a kiss and say you still need a little more time to feel the same, but it's a sweet gesture.