Kissing the person you love?

How is it supposed to feel when you kiss the person you love? I've been with my boyfriend for 6 months and every time he kisses me I don't feel a thing. is this bad?

how do you feel when you kiss the person you love?


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  • uhh I'm not sure if its bad or not but I can tell you for personally I think its bad you can say I'm wrong after all I'm younger than 18 so you can disagree with me

    but when I kiss my boyfriend (7 months) I feel happy, I feel loved, my heart races and I start to shake at times if its passonate if its not I just feel happy

    this may be bcause he stopped kissing me for 2 weeks about a month ago because he was mad at me, but ever since then I've appreciated every kiss his given me weather its on the cheeck on the lips neck anywhere, so y don't you try seeing if you miss his kisses or something

    if you do and when you recieve one and you feel something maybe its just because to you now they are something regular and don't mean anything

    but maybe ur just losing feelings for the guy or his a bad kissed idk

    but I think there is something wrong maybe not with you but something, again you can think I'm wrong and completely ignore my answer but that's what I think

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      Lol, you're the only person who has provided an actual solution so far, way to go!

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      Lol oh wow I guess that's good I hope you take my advice and try it because if you really love the guy or something ull feel that emotion imedietly trust me lol funny I'm younger but seriously that's what I think lol