Kissing the person you love?

How is it supposed to feel when you kiss the person you love? I've been with my boyfriend for 6 months and every time he kisses me I don't feel a thing. is this bad?

how do you feel when you kiss the person you love?


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  • uhh I'm not sure if its bad or not but I can tell you for personally I think its bad you can say I'm wrong after all I'm younger than 18 so you can disagree with me

    but when I kiss my boyfriend (7 months) I feel happy, I feel loved, my heart races and I start to shake at times if its passonate if its not I just feel happy

    this may be bcause he stopped kissing me for 2 weeks about a month ago because he was mad at me, but ever since then I've appreciated every kiss his given me weather its on the cheeck on the lips neck anywhere, so y don't you try seeing if you miss his kisses or something

    if you do and when you recieve one and you feel something maybe its just because to you now they are something regular and don't mean anything

    but maybe ur just losing feelings for the guy or his a bad kissed idk

    but I think there is something wrong maybe not with you but something, again you can think I'm wrong and completely ignore my answer but that's what I think

    • Lol, you're the only person who has provided an actual solution so far, way to go!

    • Lol oh wow I guess that's good I hope you take my advice and try it because if you really love the guy or something ull feel that emotion imedietly trust me lol funny I'm younger but seriously that's what I think lol

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  • It's the taste of treasure. The feeling of love seem to drink the meaning of life from her eyes just before and after the kissing and you give your heart and soul to this precious instant.

    Just like Niagara falling from my heart...

  • If it's been 6 months and you feel nothing when you kiss him, you need to end this now rather than later, when it'll be even harder. You really should feel some sort of happiness or a spark when you kiss someone you love. Maybe not what you want to hear but you have to have already known it on some level. Think of it this way: you won't be with the guy who makes you feel incredible until you aren't with the one who doesn't.

  • When you kiss someone you love, the room spins, time stands still, and you never want the kiss to end.

  • You should feel something (emotionally, that is) when you kiss him. So yes, I do think this is a bad sign.


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  • My aunt has been married to her husband for 18 years -- and they are passionately in love, she said that he way an awful kisser and she generally likes to skip that part. Can't really say since I have never been in love.

  • I haven't been dating my boyfriend near as long as you've been dating yours. Every time we kiss I feel that's where I need to be, I stop thinking about everything, and time sometimes slows. You just want to kiss him more and more. There are times when I feel like I love him more and I get closer to him...

  • you arwe supposed to feel like there is nothing you'd rather do then kiss this person, no pain in the world nothing, it's very hard to explain, but if you still don't feel anything, maybe it's not meant to be

  • it may or may not be a bad thing. I mean..kissing is awesome and all but sometimes its just like..whatever ya know? but personally when I usually kiss my boyfriend my heart pounds and I smile..i even start to smile WHILE were kissing! but if you wanna be able to feel something when you kiss him, let him kiss you first. that usually makes my heart pound when he makes the first move

  • well this guy and I, we started out as friends with benefits, the first few times we kissed, there were sexual desires but no 'spark'. The relationship went on and after a while I felt absolutely nothing when we kissed, it just felt like routinely stuff u know. But then later on I started to develop feelings for him and is now insanely in love with him. He told me he has got feelings for me too (though not as much I believe) and now we are 'trying out'. When we now kiss, my heart pounds and I feel butterflies in my stomach, I just want to kiss him more and more and never wants it to stop. It feels completely different than before... so I think yea, it would be weird if you don't feel anything when kissing him; do you feel anything when hugging/having sex though? maybe kissing is just not your thing.

  • hahaha it is bad, had an X, we went out for 9 months.

    Its not love, its weird, you don't really like him.

    Im with a new guy now and every time I kiss him

    i seriously feel fireworks, he is sucha gent, and polite,

    never talks about sex, he's just one of those, one in a life time guys.

    If your guys not like that, that's why.

    If he really cares about you, you will feel the magic, I do every time with this guy.

  • i can only speak for myself. I love my boyfriend very much and when I kiss him it's like my brain goes quiet, I feel content, safe, and I am filled with joy. all the worries I may have had about my day or some stupid thing that happened are washed away and I know that everything will be ok and all I need in my life is the man that I am kissing. that's the best way I can explain it, but I would say that if you feel nothing when you kiss your boyfriend that you don't have strong feelings for him and should consider ending the relationship to save you both from wasting your time.