If you message a guy and he only give you short answers

Does that means he doesn't care about you, that he is just being polite to answer it?

And also if you are always the one to start messaging it must mean something right?!

That he doesn't care...


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  • It probably just means he has a learning disability. Find someone who can at least count all of his fingers.


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  • If you message a guy and he only give you short answers"

    ... He's somewhat like I am. Hate texting, in general.

  • Generally with me, it means you're not all that interesting...

    • yeah that's what I think but like the other answers seem its normal for guys to do that... I mean I know a guy who couldn't stop texting me he was really interested... this one I guess he doesn't care he just message me when I give a lot of space...he might have someone, very hard to read...

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    • lol, not trying to be mean... Just being real with you.

    • yeah it makes sense... well he does write some long ones but most of the time they are short

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  • Yeah,he probably doesn't care..i do that when I don't wanna talk to someone so just stop..he doesn't want to talk to you ..sorry to say that

    • yeah I will stop, but when I do he messages me so something is odd in this thing...

    • well put the cards on the table ..ask him what's going ..make things clear then..!

  • I think guys just text like that in general, unless he is a guy who loves to text.

    • Really? yeah I guess I didn't notice but yeah it seems about right, it just seems like I write huge texts and he says yes your right lol or could be like only few words

    • I say the same thing. I was texting my friends boyfriend and he literally gave me two words. I was like how am I suppose to respond to that! So I asked her about it and she said he always text like, every since we were in 7th grade.