What to do after getting girls number?

Ok so I got this girls number, I know her from when I was younger. The thing us we haven't seen each other much less spoken in years. So now I want to try and actually see if something will happen without falling in the friend zone and but not look desperate. I know I'm going to see her again in a week. Don't know if I should try and initiate something otherwise before then.


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  • wow. I'm on the exact end of this. holy sh*t. okay, so here's what up. she probably thinks it's weird and wondering why her, and why now. But what you have to show her is that you're a good time, and fun to hang out with and that should honestly just come naturally just make sure you have something to do and talk about. So take it a little slow, hang out first and see if you guys can have a good time without the date label, then ask her out. if she has a good time the day before then she's more likely to say yes and try it out. It might seem weird to her at first, but she will come around to the idea, that maybe the best things come in the most unlikely places.


What Guys Said 1

  • Call her and talk to her.