What is the best way to plan a date?

Ok, after asking out a girl, what's the best way to plan a date, especially if I don't know her preferences, time schedule, etc. I've heard that girls like it when guys do all the planning, such as the restaurant, what to do, and when. Is this true? Or should I ask her what she prefers?

I was thinking about just asking "Would you like to grab a bite to eat sometime?" After that, should I ask her where she would like to go? Or when? Help Please!


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  • First, have 3 choices available for everything: restaurant, activity, etc. Plan for options.

    Then, call her several days in advance and ask for the date. If it's the first date and you don't really know her, ask if she has any particular type of food that she likes, hates, or can't eat for some reason. Use that information to select from your 3 choices. If she asks where you're going to take her, go ahead and tell her, but if she doesn't ask, don't.

    I rarely use a movie as an early date unless she really wants to see something in paricular or it's going to be a long date, because you can't talk to each other at a movie, and talking is the most important part of a date.

    Instead, I might just go on a drive somewhere, or a walk, or play pool (billiards). It depends on the girl, the weather, and how much time we have. The goal is to get her away from (most) other people so that we can talk. Some girls will want to come back to my place, or hers, and others might not feel comfortable doing that yet. One girl I took to a music store and we spent a couple of hours playing different instruments and had a great time. Another wanted to stop by a bookstore, and we ended up staying there for hours talking.

    It isn't necessary, nor even a good idea, to spend a lot of money on a first date. Time and conversation are the goals, and that doesn't require a ton of cash.


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  • I would say it really depends on if its the first date or not. If it is I advise that you avoice restaurants/movies anything could have an awkward moment! But if its the second or third, you SHOULD go to a restaurant or do something fun and eat afterward. Spend the time getting to know each other. Basically you are seeing if she is worth any date I guess. But yeah I hope I helped!

    • It is a first date...any suggestions for a first date then?

    • if you CAN try and go to an amusement park, bowling, ice/roller skating, etc.. just something fun to be honest.. if there are any awkward/silent moments it's awful and not fun

  • Don't be so general about it. When you are talking to her, try and figure out her schedule. If there is some consistency in her schedule week to week, ask her of she would like to go to a restaurant of her choosing on the day she available. try and plan for a date that is 5-7 days away from the time you ask her.

    • So what you're saying is that I should ask what restaurant she prefers? Idk, I always thought the girl likes it when the guy plans where, etc.

    • You are very right. But by asking her what she prefers, it is showing her that you care about her opinion and want to please her. the girl usually says "wherever you would like to go is fine with me :)" but the fact that you asked for her input gets her excited for the date and happy because she may have had a part in planning it.

  • I think you should plan the resteraunt and the date. It shows that you care about the date and want it to be great. She will appreciate that. Also, most girls won't really be that picky so if you know a great place that you two can eat and a movie (that you both can decide) then she will probably love it too

    • I'm not sure about the movie thing...I've always thought movies on the first date was a bad idea because it might be awkward...but then again, just dinner would be kinda short. Thoughts? lol

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    • Well, I don't have much free time with friends so pretty much my only hobby is going to the gym /working out lol...so that's out. And where I live, there's nothing to do lol

    • Ok, well you have to do better than that :) Make a list of places you can go, pick the top 3 and ask her which one she wants to do

  • We kinda expect guys to do all that stuff..we just kinda show up

  • Just plan it I'm sure she won't care

  • Surprise her by asking her friends what he likes to do

    • I don't know any of her friends...In fact, I know very little about her. I've only met her once and it was an awkward introduction by a mutual friend, so it was pretty much a suggested setup.

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