Guys- Is this rumor true?

My girlfriends say that a guy will text a girl one day randomly about something random. When the girl responds, he doesn't respond back. They say that guys do this when they are bored. Is this true guys? Or when you text a girl, who is more than a friend, you have an goal/agenda. I have had this happen to me once. A guy that I once hooked up with texted me to ask me a question. After I texted him back, he never responded back. Makes me wonder...


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  • I'm a very random person, so I randomly text random thoughts to all sorts of people. Usually they;re directed at the person it would be most relevant too... previous conversation, inside joke, common interest, whatever. I do it with friends and crushes, although with crushes it might be ever so slightly more often, or a slightly larger stretch. Not much difference though.


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  • Nope. Not true. At least not with me. If I get bored and text a woman, and she texts back I will respond at least once. It's possible that he was either drunk when he texted or accidentally texted you and when you texted him back, he realized that it was accidentally sent to the wrong person. But you know him. I don't.


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  • Yeah I wonder too, the guy I talk to is like this and when I text him back he doesn't respond at all...