Should I just go for it?

So I've had a huge crush on my friend for a while, we were just on a senior class trip two weeks ago. On the trip we were flirting hardcore and were always together talking and stuff. He always let's me put my arms around him or let's me rest my head on his shoulder and stuff. My friend said I should just kiss him to let him.know how I feel . Should I just do it or not?


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  • Hell's yeah you should!

    • Okay! I'll try the next chance I get (:

    • One of my favorite encounters ever: I met a girl at a party and asked her out to drinks. We ended up having drinks with her and a couple of friends. THen we went to a lounge that had loud music and her friends went home. I got a drink for me and a glass of wine for her, and it was so loud I had to lean in a bit and speak loudly for her to hear me. She just leaned in at one point and started totally kissing me. I was totally surprised and just thinking, "this is AWESOME!"

      Good luck!


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  • yes, might surprise you


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  • If I were you I would just go for it. Its your senior year. Just do it