What are the stages/steps for developing a relationship?

What stages/steps do two people take to become a couple or boyfriend/girlfriend ?

I often hear people saying " we are dating but are not official" ..and I always go like ..huh? I thought that once you start dating, you are already bf/gf.

So what steps do people take to become an official couple?


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  • I don't know if there's a dating norm these days, but I see a lot of "Hey, wanna go out?" But the people never actually ever GO OUT on a date or anything, and just assume they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

    I always thought the old-fashioned approach was nice, where the guy asks the girl on a date. If it goes well, they go on another date... after a few dates, if things are still going well, he asks her to be his girlfriend/go steady/be exclusive, however you want to word it. But until both people agree to be in an exclusive relationship (only being with each other romantically), I think it's okay for each of them to go out on dates with other people. I also want to say that even though I think sex is an important part of getting to know someone in a relationship, it should be saved for just that. If you want to commit yourself to only seeing that one person, then sex can be included. Although most people don't do it this way, and I may or may not, that's just my ideal dating world.

    Also - I like the old fashioned guys who would ask permission from my parents to date me or ask for my hand in marriage. This isn't required, but I think it shows class and a lot of respect. I'd still go for a guy who didn't do that, as long as he treats me well and is nice to my family.


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  • i don't know...its different for everybody but for me to get to developing a relationship there has to be communication, desire, desperation, loyalty, trust, no fear, and initiation from the girl, I think I might be missing a few things but you get the idea


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  • when the couple has a discussion and decides that they are not just going to "go on dates" but to actually commit and be in a monogamous relationship that's when its official I think because these days "seeing someone" and "being in a relationship" are completely different things, though it also varies couple to couple, or person to person.