Do people do this? This guy I liked has asked me to hang out with him twice. Both times I've turned him down. I had an legitimate excuse though. The first time was because I was going to a family function. The second time was because I was sick and had to cancel at the last minute. Now I've texted him back to reschedule and he's blown me off once then hasn't responded back to my texts. He also has had little dating experience and only dated once.


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  • i know what you mean but you have texted him he hasn't got back to you just ring him and if he answer be like hey you alrite? I text you but I don't know if you got it, its about rescheduling in meeting up or something cause last time I was ill, then see what he says, calling him wiill just reassure yourself that have contacted him through text and calling him if he doesn't pick up just forget him and move on


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  • Uh, he's lost interest then. If its just for a date and its been canceled or rescheduled before the guy is even that interested in you then he's not gunna waste his time, in most cases.

    • So it's my fault? I want him to know I was honestly telling the truth and that I do really like him. I'm not trying to mess with his heart.

    • Its not rly your fault. I'm just saying he's probably lost interest.

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  • try calling him

    • What do I say? I don't want to come off as desperate. I already texted him and asked how he was and if we could hang out but he hasn't responded. Or times I've texted him he responds in 5 minutes or less... It all happened ever since I texted him and told him I was sick.