How to differentiate a date vs hanging out as friends?

how do I get a girl to understand you want to hang out in a friendship kind of way and not have her think you're asking her out on a date? This would be a girl you don't really know anything about but would like to hang out to get to know her better because you think she is a cool person.


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  • I'm a chick and I know the difference between hanging out and a date. "Hey, you wanna hang out and..." means we're hanging out. "Hey, you want to go out on a date. We could..." means the guy wants a date. Most girls can tell the difference...

  • honestly just flat out tell her that way you can skip the mind games and such. Just say: hey are you free this week I was wondering if you wanted to hang out, I'd like to strengthen our friendship lol or umm me and my friends plan to go to the mall or hang out this week did you wanna come? That way it will absolutely not be considered a date since your guy friends are coming along as well and she'll get to know your friends too and maybe even make some new ones if she's a true friend she'll understand and say yes :)


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