Guys, if you're just getting to know a girl, how often do you text?

I've been a career woman for so long that I never had a chance to date. I don't know how to read guys, so please help! If a guy texts once a week, is that too little of an interest?

I know it depends on whether a guy is a texter or not, but since I am I find myself second guessing guys who aren't.

This guy I met for the first time seemed pretty into me. He told me he'd get my number from a mutual (though overprotective) friend on his way out of the party. A few days later I heard nothing still, so I asked the mutual friend if he can ask the guy a question for me. Said mutual friend mentioned that the guy was asking for my number and so he gave it to me so I can ask the guy directly.

Well I messaged him, we flirted a bit and joked around then nothing for five days.

He messages me today and joked about how we should hang out. I joked back but we never set a time or date. I asked a question at the end of the night (after accidentally ignoring him for four hours) but got no response.

Since we never set a time or date to hang out, would me texting him tomorrow be too much? Especially if he isn't that big on constant smsing? I already feel like I've put myself so much out there by doing the first move in getting his number and texting him first! I don't want to seem like I'm desperate!


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  • If I liked a girl a lot I'd call her on the phone as well as text. A lot of guys will text you several times a day. This guy either isn't real interested or he's not very talkative or he's busy. The only way your gonna know is if you keep conversation going. But yeah if he doesn't take some initiative he probably isn't that interested.


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  • I used to text girls just to get to hear I'm nice and friendly but they where not intrested so nowadays I meet them in person and say hi to them when you run into them in public


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  • Yes if a guy really interested you will text first. Plus I think five days are too long for not in contacting with. The girl you are crazy about.