We talk all the time, but the other day I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she never answered back?

So I like this girl and I have the feeling she might like me too, we don't live on the same cities, so we have to talk through Skype or chat, like I said we talk about everything and I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she never answered, what could this mean?


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  • It might mean she had, but I think she doesn't want to talk about it, because 1/.she might have been broke up and hurt to bring it back up.

    2/She doesn't want you to know, because she has feeling for u. But I think you should ask her for a clear answer, because I don't know thr whole thing. But I can tell she is hiding something.

  • She might be shy,if she doesn't have a boyfriend it will sound like an open invite.


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