GUYS: are there ways a girl can get a guy to text her first?

Are there ways a girl can get a guy to text her first? Ways to maybe drop really unobvious hints or something? thanks!


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  • Unobvious hints don't work. Especially not on teenage boys. But you can always text first, no problem with that.

    An example would be, if you know that he had a game or something, text him after to ask how he did.

  • Hand him a piece of paper with your number and the words text me. anything less than that isn't enough to get him to do what you want. We just don't take hints. There really isn't a much better way. The only thing you may have to worry about is being thought of as someone whom dose that sort of thing a lot. However, if it was obvious that you where nervous, then you wouldn't need to worry about being thought of as a whore.


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