Is there anybody who actually wants a REAL relationship?

Ok, here's the deal...

Whenever I date a girl and it gets to a few months in, they all say how they want something serious and something that will last.

They never show it through actions i.e. wanting space all the time, out with girlfriends all the time, saying the future scares them, saying they want less time.

If you want something serious wouldn't you be ready for all this?


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  • Depends on you're age. The younger you are, the more likely a person is to run away from something serious. Also, is your approach to jump right into something serious? That can really scare people away. Our actions stimulate others' reactions so maybe the issue is internal and not external.



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  • Not always. Just because they don't spend every minute with you doesn't mean they aren't into you.


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  • I know I do. But I won't get one with the person that I want, as they are male and I couldn't even talk to him about it. I mean, a lot of people might want a serious relationship, but may not know how to express it. Which leads you to question how ready for one they really are. Eventually, there will be someone who comes into your life that will want a long term relationship and will be mature enough for one. Its certainly frustrating in the meantime but that's life.

    Best of luck.