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Hi there. I recently joined a dating website, and messaged a guy who seemed intelligent and attractive. We wrote back and forth several times, but now I haven't heard from him in 4 days. I suppose he might not be as interested in me as I am in him, but he had ended his previous email in asking me what my plans were for the week. He is a doc in his residency, so I understand that he is probably working 24/7, but that still doesn't explain his sudden lack of response. I'm disappointed because he's the only person I've found that I would be genuinely interested in meeting. I read through my responses to him, and there definitely wasn't anything in there that should have scared him off. Should I write back to check in with him, or just let it go?


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  • Let it go, you don't want to come off as needy/desperate. If he's interested he'll reply back soon enough, if not there are plenty of other guys out there who wouldn't make you wait.


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  • Just let it go. If he's truly interested, he will hit you up.